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Have you all seen Jessica Simpson's Weight Watchers commercial?

For those of you who don't follow celebrity news, singer Jessica Simpson gained somewhere between 40 and 70 lbs when she was pregnant with her daughter, Maxwell Drew. On a petite girl like Jessica, the weight gain seemed pretty dramatic and it really lit up a firestorm in the media. She was being called "fat" by bloggers and even by other celebrities.

With so much attention paid to the weight she had gained during her pregnancy, it's not surprising that a high profile weight loss company like Weight Watchers would scoop her up as a spokesperson, to help her shed the weight after she had the baby.

After months of speculation about her weight loss progress (and there has been LOTS of speculation about it!), Jessica's Weight Watchers commercial finally debuted a few weeks back. This commercial was touted as her big "reveal" - where we'd see how far she's come in her weight loss since she began with Weight Watchers. But the strange thing about the commercial was... well, see for yourself:

Hmm... not much "unveiling" going on in that commercial! They only showed her from the chest up! Was anyone else confused by this?

Now, I'm not knocking Jessica for the weight she has or has not lost so far. There's been plenty of photographic evidence on celebrity gossip sites of her going to/leaving the gym - (although I don't have any evidence to prove she's been following ...    Continue

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@ 10:09am ET on October 4, 2012 exactly - it takes time. But I think she does mention it is the start of her journey. Maybe she didnt feel like she had lost enough to show herself.
Or they are keeping the reveal till a later advert.
But I understand what you are saying.
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