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Is Your Food Fulfilling ALL Your Needs?

So I recently received a phone call from my good friend Tiffany that started out with, “I just read an interview with Jada Pinkett Smith and it totally made me think of you.” Well you can imagine the kind of flattering, ego inflating statement I was anticipating. I mean any comparison to a fit, attractive Hollywood star has to be good, right? Nope. She continued, “I was reading about how Jada grew up in a family of bad cooks and that’s what made me think of you.” Ego successfully deflated. Not to mention I was a little pissed. Really? Is my cooking that bad she felt the need to share? She had more to add though, and it wasn’t that I was terrible cook (well at least that I know of, and in this case, ignorance is bliss, right?). Apparently growing up in a family of bad cooks created in this fit, famous Hollywood actress the mindset that food is first and foremost, nourishment, or fuel for the body. This is a belief I also hold, and it only continues to strengthen the more I continue to educate myself. Tiffany said I reminded her of Jada Pinkett Smith because I will eat things strictly for their health content. I quite often choose foods not based on their “yumminess” factor, but on how the food will nourish my body to look, feel and perform the way I want it to. Does that mean my tastes buds are less sensitive to others? No. I love and crave the tastes of sugary, salty and fatty foods just like everyone else. Our taste buds were designed that way so we would eat what we need, before the mass production of processed foods oversaturated with sugars, salts and trans-fats. My taste buds are no exception. The thing is, healthy eating is kind of like dating, or finding a life partner. What’s on the outside fades, and what’s on the inside is what will truly shape your relationship, or in the case of food, your body and your health. Is the thirty seconds of flavor worth the potential additional pounds or ill-health? I choose to vote no with my palate. Our bodies were designed to be vibrant, strong, powerful and to make us feel good, but they must have the right fuel in order for this to happen. Beauty as they say, is only skin deep and flavor, is only “taste bud” deep. If you choose ...    Continue

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@ 11:42am ET on July 31, 2013
Hey there! I know it's been awhile since we've heard from you but we'd love to hear an update!! Hope you're doing well :)

- Bailey

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