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It’s Tuesday aka the dreaded weigh in day. Even though I have been good 90% of the time I still felt the apprehension in the queue as well as the overwhelming desire to confess my sins; ‘Forgive me leader for I have sinned I drank in excess of 10 vodka and diet cokes before I lost count!’

In trepidation I stand on the scales ... 3lb off! Woop woop, excellent, I would call that a great result. 10lbs in two weeks is brilliant and I haven’t been angelic, rigidly sticking to my plan. I have had two wobbles; a family gathering which led to me devouring carrot cake and lemon meringue and a 30th birthday party where I partied in to the small hours with my two friend’s vodka and coke!

In terms of the gym, I am still going every other day. I am still surrounded by makeup clad girls aka ‘Gym Bunnies’ the girls who get all made up, wear the right gym gear but don’t actually work out or sweat. And I have now met another creature only found in the gym environment, ‘The Performers’. These are the fit gorgeous tanned hunks who work out in front of the mirror. It’s a rare sight to see one solo as they usually travel in packs flexing their muscles in front of the mirror watching themselves and each other. The first time I stumbled upon them I had to do a double take, firstly because I thought it was a GAY TV ad as it was all slightly homoerotic and secondly I had to stare again because I half expected them to start kissing their biceps and stroking each other’s pecks.

Yet faced with all this adversity I still go and as I pop my earphones in, turn my music up, ‘The Performers’ and ‘Gym Bunnies’ fade in to the background and I just get on with what I’ve got to do.

@ 12:18pm ET on August 16, 2012 Haha you've described people who exist at almost every gym! I tend to ignore everyone but myself when I'm at the gym - although occcccasionally I stop to watch my boyfriend lift weights ;)

Yesterday I was sweating my butt off on my elliptical while the girl on the machine next to me read a book on hers. Reading a book! I was dripping in sweat and would have destroyed any book I touched b/c the pages would just dissolve from my sweat, and she was here leisurely reading! I wondered why she even bothered on the machine!

But like you, I just crank up my headphones and use the music to keep me moving at a great pace.

What are some of your favorite workout songs?

Congratulations on your 10 lbs of weight loss so far - what a start!!! :D
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