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Una's Diet

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First, I want to say hello to everyone! Second - I am back. Maybe someone remembers me... I was quite active not that long ago, lost 30kg! Then came summer and I got lazy. :p I have managed to keep the weight off, but I am not as healthy as I was. I've started attend aerobics and swimming pool, both 2 a week. I My goal for now is to loose 10kg! Wish me luck. :p

@ 10:34am ET on October 16, 2012 Heyooooo! Of course we remember you! :) Your exercise routine sounds great - how are you enjoying using the pool for your exercise?

GOOD LUCK on your goals!!!!!
@ 4:17pm ET on October 16, 2012 I love swimming! I don't really view it as something tiresome, I enjoy it! Aerobics are ok. I start to enjoy it more and more, but after the first class I really couldn't move my body for two days. Now it's so much easier! Exercising actually gives so much positive emotions. And thanks for remembering me. :p I've missed this place. :)
@ 12:25pm ET on October 22, 2012 It's great to hear you say that exercise gives you positivity - it does the same for me! That's thanks to the the endorphins that your body releases when you exercise!
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