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My husband means well, he really does. But he doesn't shop good at all. For the last three months that we've been living in the same house, he took over the grocery shopping. And he enjoys it. But I finally had to ask if I could take it over. He is a food hoarder... 10 packets of gravy mix, 10 cans of chili, 10 of everything... Every time he goes shopping... We are on gravy mix and chili overload. But with none of the staples to really cook meals. I think this added to my weight gain. I am not trying to blame him, but I kinda am. I don't like to keep junk food around, or cans of soda, or ice cream. But when he goes shopping, he buys tons of it. And stuff I like, with me in mind.

So, now I am back to doing the shopping. And when I buy junk food, it is with him in mind, stuff I don't like. Like chocolate stuff, or too sweet stuff. I am not totally into it yet like I want. I haven't planned out meals two weeks in advance and wrote down the ingredients and stuff like I used to. But I am getting back to it. I am just about to leave town for a camping trip with the parents and stuff. And I haven't gotten back into the mood to cook. I am just not a huge fan lately of it. But I will and I'll enjoy it once again.

Yesterday, my eating wasn't great. But I know that it was def less than I used to eat on a normal day. So that makes me feel somewhat better. What got me was a Frito Chili Pie, that I honestly didn't like at all. It was so salty. It was a whooping 900 calories. We went to the drive in to get food. I decided I didn't think it would be too many calories, and had left my phone at home... I'll get a burger next time that happens. So, I ended the day with 1700 calories. Not to shabby I don't think since I was eating about 2500 calories.

And I going to weigh today at my mother's house. I promised my little brother I'd take my new gun and we would shoot targets today. Wish I had a new hobby that burned more calories! But I really like target shooting, and I am looking forward to buying a new pistol soon!

I hope everyone has a great day in body and mind!


@ 12:38pm ET on July 10, 2012
Hey Amber! It sounds like you and your hubby need to sit down together to make your grocery lists! That way you two can be on the same page before you or he goes grocery shopping.

Where are you going camping? I LOVE camping!!

@ 8:23pm ET on July 10, 2012
Thanks for your encouraging words to me yesterday.
I understand what you mean about your's husband's grocery shopping habits. My fiance goes shopping and comes back loaded w/ junk food and other unhealthy things. I've asked him to buy more fruits and veggies and things and it's like he forgets everything I said. I recently started writing down the specific items I want/need in the hopes that this works. Maybe that would help you too.

@ 12:29pm ET on July 11, 2012
I think we are going to go to the Arbuckle Mountains and Lake. It is north of Ardmore, OK. I hear it is really really pretty. My parents went once in the winter, so we are excited to see how nice it is summer.

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