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Fit Life with Stephen Cabral

by Stephen Cabral, Fitness Professional
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Are you using this strategy?

One of the simplest ways to calculate whether you're making progress towards your goal is by taking note of your actions throughout the day.

Basically, there are only 3 outcomes of any action.

You can make it far more complicated than this, but I find simple is always best...

Also, this strategy doesn't just work with trying to transform your body or improve your health, but can be applied to any business or life goal.

So here are the 3 outcomes that are involved in each choice you make:

1. Forward Progress

When you make a choice that brings you closer to your goal this would simply be considered forward progress.

It means that whatever choice you made is a positive one that has you moving in the right direction towards your desired outcome.

For example, choosing the fish and vegetable dish over the pasta when you go out to eat is moving you toward your weight loss goal.

Obviously, the more of these forward-moving choices you make, the faster you will progress towards your goals.

2. Taking a Step Back

Unlike forward progress, when you make a choice that doesn't move you toward your goal you are choosing to take a step back.

Of course this may seem pretty obvious as well, but when you really examine the choices you make throughout the day using this strategy I think you'll begin to see why your current actions are leading to the results you've gotten thus far.

It's really all about becoming aware of and awake to the big and small choices we make everyday of our lives.

Sometimes it's not the huge, glaring choices that move us further away from our goals, but the piling up of a lot of minor choices that add up to having a negative impact.

For example, eating a processed bowl of cereal every morning with a tall glass of juice seems harmless, but as you've seen in my previous article, all that sugar adds up.

The same goes for using regular salad dressing instead of opting for a tablespoon of healthy oil or fresh squeezed lemon juice. It's a relatively minor choice, but compounded ...    Continue

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@ 6:15pm ET on November 1, 2014
Very true everywhere in your life the choices you make affects the outcome. Make good choices

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