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When Diet.com member Poppylaine first began her weight loss journey in January, she had an overall goal of losing 100 lbs. Now, a few months and a birthday later, she's down over 30 lbs (nearly 40 lbs, as of last week!) and is as motivated as ever to reach her goals!

Poppy lost 30 poundsA young wife and full-time student (she'll be earning her paralegal in a couple of years!), Poppy first began blogging with us in January of this year. At the time, she weighed 260 lbs, and was ready for a change. Like many other women out there, she married a man with what she calls a "ridiculous metabolism," who seemed to be able to eat anything he wanted without gaining an ounce! And while she loved marriage, she didn't love what it was doing for her figure ;)

That's when she decided to take action!

She credits her new dedication to planning and scheduling her meals as the biggest factor in her successful weight loss so far:

"In the past I would just wander into the kitchen when I thought I was hungry and I usually would make bad choices. Now I eat breakfast as soon as I wake up and space out meals 3 hours apart from there. The schedule guarantees that I get 5 meals a day and makes it harder to cheat!"

Poppy has also put a lot of work into increasing her exercise activity:

"I really enjoy the elliptical more than anything. At first I could only go for 5 minutes before I got too tired to continue, but I never gave up and now I can go full speed for an hour!"

With a goal of losing 100 lbs, many would ask how Poppy maintains her motivation to keep going strong.

"What has ...    Continue

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@ 12:31pm ET on April 4, 2011 congrats poppy!
@ 12:46pm ET on April 4, 2011 Thanks! :)
@ 1:26pm ET on April 4, 2011 Awesome job!
@ 12:06pm ET on August 23, 2012 Poppy is awesome - well done!
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