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"In order for me to lose weight and keep it off, I had to make a permanent change."

This was the realization that Kaylie Walker came to when she decided to get serious about weight loss in September of 2009. Fast forward a couple of years and the 5' 2" Kaylie is down 25 lbs from her starting weight of 142 lbs - maintaining a healthy body weight of around 117 lbs for over 2 years now!
weight loss
The 21-year-old registered nurse - and now fitness instructor! - was leaving supportive comments on other Diet.com members' blogs for several months before she began blogging herself in January 2010. That first blog began what has ended up becoming a personal library of over 130 Diet.com blogs in the last 2+ years.

Within a couple of months of blogging on Diet.com, Kaylie (who is known on Diet.com by her username dizz15926) was making incredible strides. She was diligently tracking her food intake using the Diet.com Meal Tracker, as well as trying out tons of new healthy recipes (like this Breaded Chicken Bake).

"For a long time, I was an avid user of the Diet.com's Meal Tracker," she recently told Diet.com, looking back at those early days on the site. "Every evening I logged everything I ate for the day. It kept me aware of what I was eating on a daily basis."

As she expanded her diet to include tons of new foods, she realized that eating healthy wasn't so bad after all!

"I've been consistently eating super healthy and doing a lot of cooking," she wrote in one of her early 2010 blogs. "I noticed I'm open to trying new things and find that if I set my picky eating attitude aside and try something new I find I actually like it! I never used to try ANYTHING."

kaylie before weight lossAs she tried out new foods and recipes, she made sure to share them with her fellow Diet.com members via her blog - helping to foster a supportive community while encouraging other Diet.commers to try new foods themselves. (Check out the recipe she shared for a tasty Egg Drop Soup here, or read the recipe she shared for an Addicting and Healthy Dip here!)

But eating well wasn't the only step that Kaylie was taking towards becoming healthier and reaching her goal weight. She tackled the "fitness" aspect of her new healthy lifestyle with gusto!

Becoming a regular at her local gym, Kaylie discovered that she really loved taking different kinds of exercise classes. Her enthusiasm was noticed by one of the fitness instructors at her gym, who even invited Kaylie to teach her own workout class there!

Kaylie was thrilled at the offer, but knew she needed to become a certified fitness instructor before she could teach her own class. Luckily an opportunity presented itself when Kaylie found out about a weekend-long fitness convention in Philadelphia that offered fitness classes, workshops... and certification classes! She signed ...    Continue

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@ 1:11pm ET on May 7, 2012
congratulation Kylie..u really did it...i hope I will be you someday..thanks for ur advice...u truly inspire us..

@ 1:33pm ET on May 9, 2012
Well done - you look amazing and toned. x

@ 2:14pm ET on May 9, 2012
Id love to see more success stories like this?

@ 2:31pm ET on May 9, 2012
Check out our other success stories by clicking on WEIGHT LOSS COMMUNITY (up there ^^ in our top navigation) and then on Weight Loss Success Stories. Or click the link in the last paragraph above!

@ 7:07pm ET on May 9, 2012
I love how she accomplished so much and achieved fitness and career without excuses and still very very humble about it all. way to go Kylie, I am proud of you for reaching your goals. =^.^=

@ 4:16am ET on February 15, 2013
Trust me!! They both are one but looks like two different people.

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