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Arielle's Fitness Blog

by Arielle Novak, Fitness Expert
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I’ll start off by saying I am not a fan of fad diets or weight-loss gimmicks. When I by chance picked up a copy of “Wheat Belly” by Dr. William Davis in November of 2011, I thought I it was another diet book. The wheat-free movement was just another silly fad, right? How could a piece of bread or bowl of cereal be increasing my waistline and giving me a “wheat belly”? How could healthy whole grains be destructive to my body? This went against everything I “knew” to be true. My first impressions were proven wrong by the time I finished the first chapter, and I was compelled to read more. The more I learned about the negative effects of wheat, the more I came around to the idea of eliminating it from my diet.

I have to admit I read the book at the perfect time. At the beginning of 2011, I was overweight and watching the numbers on the scale steadily climb. Physically, I felt lousy; psychologically I felt even worse. My ever-increasing waist-line did a number on my self confidence. As someone who teaches fitness for a living, I found it difficult to stand in front of a class feeling so heavy. How could I be a role model for others, when I was overweight?

My active lifestyle and steady workout regimen were not enough. By the time year-end approached, I had hit my highest weight ever (which meant I was around 25 pounds higher than my target weight). I am not tall (5’3” on a good day), so carrying an extra 25 pounds was miserable.

I had been under the impression that the wheat-free/gluten-free movement was only for people diagnosed with Celiac Disease, caused by an allergy to gluten. I figured that, because I didn’t have Celiac Disease, I didn’t need to worry about wheat. As I read on, I realized I was completely wrong. According to Dr. Davis, many people who are wheat-sensitive may benefit from eliminating wheat from their diet.

Why wheat causes “bagel butts”, “muffin tops”, and of course, “wheat bellies”, was life changing for me. I won’t go into the details about the evolution of wheat or the complexities of insulin production. For that information, I suggest reading the book, as Dr. Davis does a wonderful job explaining the science behind wheat and its effect on the human body.

The short story is that the modern wheat we consume today causes our blood sugar to spike to extremely high levels. This is true whether you eat white processed bread or whole-grain. When your blood sugar level rises enough, you produce insulin, which in turn causes your body to store fat. The higher your blood sugar, the more insulin your body produces. This becomes dangerous if most of what we eat causes our blood sugar to soar.

I was terrified to learn that two slices of bread will cause my blood sugar to rise more than a candy bar! Wheat had been a big part of my life"in ...    Continue

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@ 2:57am ET on July 24, 2012
Hi, I like your review of this book and wheat free way of eating, The facts about wheat causing blood sugar to rise really got my attention. I feel so much better when I don't eat wheat, it's just not fair how I love it so =)

@ 11:41am ET on July 24, 2012
Hi! I'm glad you got a chance to read my blog. I know exactly what you mean! I loved wheat : )

Almond flour is my new best friend. I use it in the place of four. It took a little getting used to at first...

Keep me posted if you ever take the "30 day wheat-free challenge"!

@ 1:20pm ET on July 24, 2012
That's insane! I had the dreams too! Lol, they happened in my second week and I was dreaming of pastries and muffins and pizza...I've been wheat free since the beginning of July and for the first time ever, I am in control of my eating experience AND I've lost about 10 pounds :) :) super happy face...

@ 12:52pm ET on July 25, 2012
That makes me laugh!!! I'm glad to know that someone else had pastry and pizza dreams.

Congrats on being wheat-free!!! Losing 10 lbs is awesome!!!

Please keep me posted regarding your wheat-free journey. Also, please share any tasty wheat-free recipes you find along the way : )

Good luck!

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