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Diet Talk from the Doc

by Dr.Diet, Diet.com's Medical Director
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Fitness facilities are a part of the offerings of most major hotel chains, according to a CNN report. In addition to on-site fitness facilities (many of which are free), some hotels are even offering in room treadmills or stationary bikes, exercise clothing for purchase, yoga and Pilates TV stations or resistance bands and dumbbells.

To read the full article, click here:
Fitness Options at a Few Major Hotels

Dr. Diet weighs in:

Staying on track with your diet and fitness program can be a challenge when traveling. So I am very happy to see how different hotel chains are responding with some new and innovative ways to help us all stay fit when away from home.

I always recommend that my patients inquire about the fitness facility options and walking trails/ jogging paths available before booking their hotel reservations. You may also want to read over this article to see some of the newest fitness offerings of the major hotel chains.

Traveling does force us all to step outside of our comfort zones and try something new. Both swimming and in-room yoga and Pilates instruction can offer exercisers a nice and relaxing change of pace. Putting on your gym shoes and speed walking or jogging outside is another way to familiarize yourself with your new surroundings while staying active.

If safety permits, another thing to try when traveling is to walk to and from your destinations as much as possible - taking advantage if you don't have a car.

With just a little planning ahead, you can stay active and fit when traveling.

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