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by Ammo, Fitness Professional
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Are you tired of your routine? Have you been doing an outdated program that you ripped out some fitness magazine?
Well I'm going to share a fairly new exercise routine that is actually older than today's Baby Boomers.

Have you ever seen a weight in your gym that looks like an ugly purse? Or how about those old films showing some body builder lifting a round weight with a handle?

Well that's a kettlebell. The kettlebell has recently worked its way back into gyms, and many homes. It originated in Eastern Europe and found its way to the States quickly.

Kettlebells are not like dumbbells. Unlike dumbbells, the center of gravity rests outside of the hands when holding it, making it more difficult to maneuver during exercise. Kettlebells can be used for burning calories, muscular endurance and strengthening, coordination, and more.

Many gyms are now housing kettlebells, and if you're not a gym member, you can order some online. I would recommend starting out with light weights.

Because it takes proper technique to perform kettlebell exercises, I will share some very basic exercises with you to start out with.

If you wish to learn more advanced moves, make sure you seek out an experienced certified kettlebell instructor.

Kettlebell Squat

kettlebell squat

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@ 1:18pm ET on January 13, 2009
This is great - I hate weight workouts but new things (that are old) make it a little more enjoyable to go the weight training I need

@ 1:32pm ET on January 13, 2009
Thank you and good luck!

@ 8:48am ET on January 18, 2009
I went out an bought kettle bells - they are very different from regular weights that are held in the hand. I was advised to lift less weight and that was a great piece of advice

@ 11:48pm ET on April 6, 2009
Wow! I seen these in my gym but of course would of felt dumb to attempt to use them and now I know how to thanks!

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