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I'm coming to you LIVE from Wilmington, NC. I decided to come to the beach with a friend of mine for a few days. It's been relatively decent so far. Today we visited the Battleship North Carolina, then went to the beach for a while where we sat for a while, but then walked somewhere around 2 miles up and down the surf, then when we got back to the hotel I hopped in the shower to rinse off the sand, then put on my bathing suit and went down to the pool for a bit. I swam "laps" or whatever is considered laps in that tiny thing they call a pool here ha ha But I was there swimming for about 20-25 minutes, then laid out on a lounge chair for a bit to dry out, then came inside to shower.

While I haven't exactly been eating the healthiest I could while I've been here, I really hope that when I return to my apartment and my scale in Boone that I'll see a change for the better with my numbers. I weighed in right before I left and came in at 157... that's nearly 8 pounds or so that I gained in about a week or two. ... and what's scary is that I'm not entirely sure how it happened except for the lack of exercising because of my side. But I didn't exercise much last semester and I didn't gain weight that fast ha ha So who knows. But hopefully things will look up for me soon as I start to try and get back into things. School starts back next week, so I'll be able to hop back into the gym everyday! Huzzah!

Later days!

@ 12:22pm ET on August 16, 2012
Sounds like a fun time at the beach and the pool! Good for you for getting in some exercise in the pool :)

How is your side feeling? Do you feel like it's healing up?

@ 3:57pm ET on August 16, 2012
I mean, I can tell it's sort of getting better... but it still hurts. Some days more than others. I'm out of my prescription ibuprofin, but I bought some otc stuff to help for if it gets too sore.

@ 1:47pm ET on August 20, 2012
Be careful with taking Ibuprofen for too long - there are new-ish warnings on the bottles about liver damage when one takes the medication for an excessive amount of time. I'd check back in with your doctor about whether or not it's safe for you to continue to take it!

@ 2:48pm ET on August 20, 2012
True story. If it doesn't start getting noticeably better in the next week or so I'll probably go have a follow up. I mean the xray I had done in the ER didn't show anything wrong, so the doctor said it's probably just muscular. Which will make going back to the gym this week tons of fun for me :-P ha ha

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