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I Can Do This !

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I severly fell off the wagon over the past 2 months, and have gained by TEN pounds back. So depresing. But, i refuse to let this discourage me.

It's time to get back on my diet. Im still sticking to my goal of dropping a pants size by my birthday , March 29th. That is 44 days. I can do this. I just have to stick to this. I WILL be skinnier and more tan by then. I don't want to be 190 for my license picture. Prom is right after. I want to feel beautiful in my dress, not insecure.

Diet and Exercise. Diet and Exercise. That is my life for the next 44 days.

Skinnier me, here i come :)

@ 7:33pm ET on February 14, 2012 You can totally do that! One tip I have is to drink LOTS of water. I have lost 12 lbs in the last 27 days and feel great. My pants are even loose! Stay positive, and blogging always helps me stay focused, so come on and share your storeis :) WE will support you!
@ 7:28am ET on February 15, 2012 Can I ask you what pants size do you have?
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