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Hey Diet.com members! Happy Tuesday to you all - I hope everyone is having a great week so far :)

I don't know about you all, but I'm a big fan of going meatless for several of my meals each week. While I'm not a vegetarian, I just tend to prefer veggies and grains over most meats (although I do love me some chicken and turkey!). For that reason, I am always super appreciative when I come across a GREAT veggie burger, whether out at a restaurant or in my grocer's freezer!

Maybe you can relate, but I have definitely had a few sub-par veggie burgers in the past. Sometimes they're too dry and too crumbly to even hold up their shape while you're eating them - a huge bummer. Or sometimes they're just totally dull with no flavor in them.

I came across an article online today that had "16 Ways to Improve Your Veggie Burger" so I definitely had to check out the list. I have to say I was semi-surprised at how many of the suggestions were UNHEALTHY ones! So I wanted to share the link to the full article, but highlight the healthier ideas they had for sprucing up your veggie burger:

Read the full list here!

- Hummus - High in protein, this creamy topping is a great way to add a little moisture to a dry veggie burger. And it comes in so many flavor varieties that you can constantly switch up the kind of hummus you use!

- Guacamole - Another delicious and creamy option to add to your veggie burger as a spread! Avocados are high in "good" fat, so they're good to eat - sparingly! Keep your guacamole low in salt by making it yourself right at home! Try this incredibly tasty and colorful Veggie Guacamole recipe from the Diet.com ...    Continue

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@ 9:11pm ET on April 24, 2012 This is sooooo interesting for me, because I'm vegetarian. Fried green tomatoes??? Can't believe they said that. The cranberry salsa looks like I can make it. Thanks for posting all these ideas for sprucing up the veggie. =^.^=
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