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So I have one person telling me I need cardio in order to put on muscle and healthy fat and I have another person saying cardio will only make you skinner.I know cardio is essential to toning but I do not wish to become skinner in fact I would like to put on 10 healthy pounds.I want my body to be full.I'm tall so I look extra skinny. This week I only worked out 3 days this week & next I have to workout every day for an hour. This workout consists of bicycling exercise,squats,lunges,treadmil workouts, using the stepper along with a workout video,and using an exercise ball along with a video,and lifting weight. I recently started to use ankle weights and arm trimmers.Next week I know will be super hard but I'm up for it. I'm still not sure about the actual affects of cardio on my trying to gain weight,so I guess I better just talk to a professional and tell them exactly what my goals are. Trying to get rid of stomach fat and tone loose skin while trying to gain weight/muscle is the hardest.

@ 1:26am ET on August 19, 2012
Lighter weights at more reps will help you build lean muslce... Heavier weights at lower reps will help you build bulkier muscle. Decide which one you want... Honestly, from working at GNC and working with fitness experts, don't do too much cardio. It is really good for you heart and overall health, but you should focus more on weight lifting and your diet. Look up diets on gaining muscle weight. It almost a 2-1, protein to carb, ratio depending on how much you weigh. If I were you, I'd research that a little more. But I do know... Whey protein, amino's, and a few other things will help you to build muscle while gaining "good" weight.

@ 2:11pm ET on August 20, 2012
I've asked one of our fitness experts to address this topic in a blog for you Stephanie! Stay tuned ;)

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