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Hey Diet.com members! Today - June 20, 2012 - marks the first day of SUMMER!!!


Here are some of my favorite Diet.com resources for the summertime.


Cold Recipes - We have nearly 1,200 different recipes in our Diet.com Healthy Recipes section, many of which are terrific for hot, summer months. Some examples include:

- Apricot Shake: This refreshing low-fat shake is a tasty treat on a hot summer evening! Use light non-fat vanilla yogurt for a lower calorie treat.
- Banana Berry Cups: You'll have as much fun making these tasty frozen treats as you will eating them!
- Strawberry Smoothie: The strawberry smoothie is classic! Enjoy this as a snack, dessert or as a healthy addition to breakfast or lunch.

Fitness Videos - Our hundreds of fitness videos will help you get your body ready for swimsuits. Here are some of our most popular videos for whipping you into shape:

- Exercises to Tighten Your Core
- Sexy Tank Top Arms
- Top 3 Butt Toning Pilates Moves
- Total Abs Makeover

Expert Blogs - Many of our Diet.com Expert Bloggers tackle summertime topics, to help you make it through the season in one piece... while wearing your two-piece! Some of my favorite summer-themed expert blogs are below:

- Enjoy the Fruits and Veggies of Summer: Dietitian Meghan Tiernan dishes on her favorite summer fruits/veggies, plus shares some great ideas for how you can incorporate the seasonal produce into your meals!

- Blueberry Basics + 2 Great Recipes: Summertime means berries, berries, berries! Since blueberries are antioxidant powerhouses, Cheryl Tallman is sharing her favorite ways to enjoy these little blue beads of flavor and nutrients.

- Top 10 Workout Songs for June: Music blogger Chris Lawhorn has June's top 10 workout songs ready for you! Listen to samples, and follow the easy download links to own the music yourself. These tracks will help you blast through your gym routines!

Happy start-of-summer everyone!

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