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More Ammo For Your Workout

by Ammo, Fitness Professional
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When is the last time you've done an ab workout that strained you so much that it hurt to laugh? Well, if you need a flashback, look no further.

These two ab exercises will have you in stitches.

But first just a few ABC's on ab exercises.

A. Keep in mind that you can do more crunches than an accordion and you still won't see a six-pack. Not unless you've gotten rid of the layer of fat covering it. Diet and exercise is the key to seeing those washboard abs.

B. Doing crunches only for your core will sooner or later have you standing tall like a boomerang. You have to work your other core muscles; oblique and lower back muscles. Creating an imbalance by just working your abdominals can actually injure your spine.

C. Go slow. It’s not that type of "crunch time". Taking your time helps ensure you're using the right muscles. Additionally, your core muscles are mostly made up of slow twitch muscle fibers, which mean they are made for endurance. Taking controlled breaths will maximize your endurance potential.

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Bosu Crunches
Start out with your lower back in the middle of the bosu. With your feet on the floor, support your neck with both hands behind your head. Start out with 10 crunches with both feet ...    Continue

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@ 11:07pm ET on January 4, 2009
I'll try it,but i find using the ball is hard.

@ 5:11am ET on January 5, 2009
Great. If you have any trouble, let me know and we can make some adjustments!

@ 7:50am ET on January 5, 2009
Thanks for these - I will use them at the gym!! Also thanks for the reminder that we need to do balanced exercises so we don't injure ourselves!!! Patty

@ 9:05am ET on January 5, 2009
No thank you,and let me know how it goes!

@ 4:22pm ET on January 5, 2009
I attempted to do the crunches with a ball and I could feel all my muscles being used.

@ 4:53pm ET on January 5, 2009
Great job!

@ 8:45am ET on January 13, 2009
That is the most beautiful model with a fabulous body. I will do these exercises if it means I will look like that. THanks for sharing them.

@ 12:23pm ET on February 16, 2009
Hey this routine's great...i've been incorporating it into my workout routine at the gym. THANKS.

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