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Getting my sexy back..

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So yeah I have this brother that recently moved to flordia and found a new love (marathons). I have been down to see him in a few and not to mention the triatholon (hmmm) :). But being supportive is nice right. Well it is but apparently it is not a enough. So my brother signed me up for a half marathon which is a 13.1 mile run within 3 hours. Which at first I thought he signed me up for a 5k which to me would be a piece of cake. But omg was I wrong. Today was my frist day of training and all i had to do was run 3 miles in 42 mins. Yea i couldnt even run two..lol. But my brother said it will get easier and that i will be skinny skinny. lol. So here is to my 1/2 marathon that is 20 weeks away. Yay. Also he did set me up for a 5k in august and a 10k in october. So I will keep yall updated. Hopefully i can make this a daily thing.

Day one: Was supposed to be 3 miles and tomorrow is 6 miles. I will not give up. Even if I have to walk it.


@ 6:03pm ET on July 11, 2012 You go Girl!!!
@ 6:59pm ET on July 11, 2012 I'm trying to train for my first 5K that'll happen in September. I'm freaking out about that... so I definitely commend you for doing this! Break a leg (metaphorically of course)!!!
@ 12:12am ET on July 12, 2012 Gor for it!!!

For training, recommend running / cardio build one day, strength / muscle build the next day and stretching / yoga the next day. Then, repeat. Doing running several consecutive days is a bad thing in the long run...

And remember to wear proper shoes during training the during the event. Without proper shoes, one can get shin splints - which is for life.
@ 6:17pm ET on July 16, 2012 That's wonderful! Good for you!! So excited to hear about your training along the way :)
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