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I woke up today and felt compelled to jump on the scale. I haven't gotten on a scale in probably 2 months. I just don't obsess over my weight. Plus I am at weight that I am totally comfortable with. If I gain/lose a lb. that's ok with me. well I hopped on that scale today and ding ding! Weight loss! Then my friend told me that the girl standing next to her tonight at Zumba class made a comment to her that I was looking really slim. Yay!! So excited especially since summer is almost here! I WILL feel good in a swimsuit this year. I am determined. My self confidence went from an all time low...to being just alright with how I looked in a swimsuit...to an almost feeling good attitude...and this summer will be a "I actually feel OK in this thing attitude"!

I ate Subway for dinner after Zumba tonight! Nom Nom Nom! Yum!

OK it is WAY too late for me to be up right now. Night!


@ 11:44am ET on April 3, 2012 Loving your positivity Kaylie! Keep up the great work!
@ 3:08pm ET on April 3, 2012 Good for you!!! keep it up! You are always up to something so awesome....and you should feel AMAZING in that swim suit this summer :)
@ 1:01pm ET on July 9, 2013 Hey Kaylie - just wanted to drop you a line and let you know we miss you!! Would love to hear an update :)
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