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Hear ye! Hear ye! It's Monday July 27 and all is well!!!

In fact, all is VERY well here on Diet.com today... particularly for ONE hard-working member who has been named the GRAND PRIZE winner of our Get Fit for Summer Weight Loss Challenge!

I am especially excited about this winner because she has consistently been one of our most optimistic and energetic members over the past several years!! Her hard work and dedication to herself during this Challenge helped her conquer several of her Milestones!

The lucky winner will be taking home a full 1-year membership to her nearest Gold's Gym, as well as:

- Jillian Michaels' No Trouble Zone fitness DVD
- 1,500 Calorie-A-Day Cookbook - Delicious meals in just 30 minutes or less, by Nancy S. Hughes

Whoohooooo prizes are so exciiiiiting!!! Who doesn't love winning prizes?! And so without further ado, it is my distinct pleasure to announce that the GRAND PRIZE winner of the Get Fit for Summer Weight Loss Challenge is....

...... Drumrollllllllllllllllllllll...........


CONGRATULATIONS KASSY! Kassy participated throughout the Challenge and improved her sleeping patterns, increased her water intake...She even took up boxing! It was a pleasure to read along with her journey as she got into the sport!

Check out her before and after pictures here... and read her Challenge narrative below:

Challenges on Diet.com has always been a motivational tool for me to just keep on going and get me through all the struggle on the big bulge I have been carrying and still carrying. It's been 2 years and yet every each challenges still has its own way of taking you a step closer to your goal - the healthy way. The impatient becomes patient and the depressed get to wear a smile again.Kassy Before

This challenge didn't just help me through the weight loss but it also led me to the direction wherein I was able to re-evaluate my entire physique as well as health condition. It gave me the opportunity to internally be cautious. I got back into the game together with the milestones. All these made me feel much more accomplished especially knowing everything else should be out on broadcast; there's this sense of accountability not just within myself but together with others.

Albeit I don't get to surf 4x a month or as often as I used to, I just got myself going and caught myself shadowboxing, get into boxing classes and always reminded me on what every movement mean to the journey.

My Milestones were hard to achieve but I'm glad I was able to accomplish them over the course of time. I went through hard times but the challenge also helped Kassy AfterContinue

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@ 2:40pm ET on July 26, 2009
Congrats Kassy!! :)

@ 8:45am ET on July 27, 2009
Good job! Diet.com has helped me in a similar way - and good on you for your amazing attitude (I can say that my positivity has slipped a few times when the scale reading went the wrong way).

@ 9:53am ET on July 27, 2009
Holy grain! Mother and Son of Jesus! Is this for reals?!!?! Seriously am not expecting since Gold's Gym (although we have it here) I thought you'd be more considering those of you who's there in the states! :)

Yiheeee!! You guys, I love you! But I'm still on the quest for more.. since I'm back on medication but fighting the gain it'll induce. I've learned over the years and still learning!

THANKS!! I'm speechless (but d'oh I have written tons already) Hahahahaha!!

THANK YOU!! Love you! :)

@ 2:42pm ET on July 27, 2009
CONGRATULATIONS! I'm sorry to have dropped off teh planet with this last challenge but Iam very very glad to see you won - been creeping on people even though I haven't been posting hehe..

Way to go, your story is very insipring - keep it up Kasssy!!

@ 5:43pm ET on July 27, 2009
Yay, Kasssy!!! Great job!!!

@ 6:26pm ET on July 27, 2009
Whoooooooooo hooooooooooooo Our girl Kassy won the challenge! I'm so super excited for you, my friend!

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh! OK, I just had to SCREAM for you!

Big Congrat hugs to you,

@ 6:54pm ET on July 27, 2009
Let's all do the butt dance *that's the way uh huh uh huh i like it! "

@ 9:49pm ET on July 27, 2009
Outstanding! Great Going!

@ 12:53pm ET on August 5, 2009
Kassy, I'm so happy for you! Unfortunately I strayed from the challenge but am sooo glad you won!

@ 2:54pm ET on August 20, 2009
THank you! Long way to go til I reach 24% to 19% body fat, the pooch has yet to disappear :)

Can't wait til my stuff get here! Yay!

@ 2:24pm ET on January 7, 2011
- Jillian Michaels' No Trouble Zone fitness DVD

I never got the chance to get that prize, Bailey :(

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