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I Looked in the Mirror and saw my Mom

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So the good news is that I lost another pound...yay me!!

The bad news is that Monday I slipped and fell down the stairs. No broken bones (thank goodness) but a lot of bruises, scrapes and incredibly sore body parts esp. on my right side. It could have been way worse and the doctor told me i was very lucky.
It was sooo scary and so sudden that at first I lay there at the foot of the stairs too stunned to move. Then the pain hit and i started to black out. My poor honey was so scared he didn't know what to do!!
Well, even though my accident put me out of commision for almost a week, i'm feeling somewhat better now so I am going to do my best to enjoy the last few days of my vacay.
I had all these things i wanted to finish at home, like clean out and re-organize my bedroom, etc. but I don't want to stress about them too much because i think it's more important for me to relax and rest before i go back to my crazy job next week.

@ 8:35am ET on August 6, 2012 Oh my goodness! What a fall, a scary fall. I recommend using these patches that you put on where your aches and pains are, and they are called Salonpas patches. Really like 40 for $5, It's a small green box. They do smell like menthol and all natural. Congratulations on losing that pound! I seem to have gained it :(

Take it slow, stairs can be dangerous. Glad you're ok. =^.^=
@ 11:15am ET on August 7, 2012 Oh my gosh!!! You poor thing! Rest up and congrats on your lb down!!
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