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I am here to report the latest news in diet and fitness for Diet.com. Feel free to give your two cents about the articles I write, or shoot me a message with any diet news that you'd like me to report on!

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Diet Write
by DietWrite, Diet.com's Diet and Fitness News Reporter

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This eating plan which has long been a staple for the figure-conscious Hollywood crowd is now taking the nation by storm. It's not unusual to see a Freshology cooler crammed with gourmet meals being delivered to an L.A. star's home.

You don't have to be a star to eat like one. The chefs at Freshology are ready to pamper you too with a daily delivery of delicious, calorie-controlled five-course meals!
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Whether you're looking for a luxury weight loss program or the simply the convenience of no-fuss healthy eating to complement your busy lifestyle, Freshology has the tools to help you achieve your goals effortlessly.

The GetSlim by Freshology format is a fresh and delicious weight loss program that works! Southern California's #1 fresh food diet delivery service will help you lose weight effortlessly while you eat better than ever.

Link up with Freshology and each day you will receive breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert and three bottles of ultra purified water to make sure you are fully hydrated.

Having chef-crafted cuisine delivered to your door... well, that simply takes all the stress out of eating right while you slim down.

The scrumptious meals are chef-developed, prepared in Freshology's own kitchens, nutritionally balanced, and delivered 100% FRESH right to your door! They do not freeze, shrink-wrap, pre-package, dehydrate, or process this food.

They also use only lean protein, seasonal vegetables, fresh meats, and whole fruit for optimal taste, natural texture, and greater nutritional benefit.

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