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Flat Stomach Workout + Diet Blog

by Melissa Wall, Womens Ab Expert, Founder WomensAbWorkout.com
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Remember when you were growing up and your mother always told you not to hang around a certain crowd of people? Well, if you are trying to lose weight and get a flat stomach, then there is a certain crowd of food that you are going to have to stay away from.

Yes, unfortunately it's the truth -- there are foods out there that are eagerly waiting to sabotage your diet. They are sweet, salty, full of fat and ready to add pounds to the scale with each tasty bite. If you REALLY want a flat stomach this year and REALLY want to reach your weight loss goals, then you REALLY need to avoid certain foods for successful weight loss.

Avoiding these four foods will help you see your waistline shrink and make your efforts in the gym that much more worth it.

Food #1 to Avoid -- Chips

Chips are salty and full of fat -- two reasons why they taste SO good. Not to mention they make it SO easy to just grab a bag of chips out of the vending machine at work when you need a quick pick-me-up. However, chips are only going to sabotage your flat stomach diet. Taking chips out of your diet will take out unnecessary fat and salt that are only adding inches to your waistline.

Food #2 to Avoid -- White Flour

White flour has been refined SO many times during production that it loses all of its nutritional value. Recent research has shown that this type of flour can actually cause health problems, instead of avoiding them. Also note -- they like to hide the unhealthiness of this flour by calling it "enriched wheat flour".

Food #3 to Avoid -- Cheese

Cheese is DELICIOUS -- especially when you add it to your sandwich or other snacks. However, think of adding cheese to your meals like adding extra fat to your hips. Yup. I know its not a great picture, but cheese tastes so good because it's full of fat. If you are trying to get a flat stomach, you need to make sure you avoid this fatty food.

Food #4 to Avoid -- Fatty Meats

Protein is extremely important for the body, and meat is the best source of protein for your body. However, when trying to lose weight it is important to take extra fats out of your diets. Avoiding fatty meats, such as beef and pork, is a very simple way to do this. The less fat you have in your diet, the less fat you have on your body.

So, next time you hit the grocery store, make sure these four foods don't end up in your cart. Staying away from these foods will help you reach your weight loss goals faster -- by making sure you aren't eating extra calories or fat that require you to spend more time in the gym!

@ 8:13am ET on January 24, 2011
That was good thanks, although im not sure i agree that "meat is the best source of protein for your body" - vegetable protein actually absorbs into your body more readily, plus, in the average western diet, you can easily have too MUCH protein.
People often focus on getting their protein, when they should worry more about getting enough fibre and vitamin C. Lol. Good article though! :-)

@ 9:50am ET on January 24, 2011
uh EXCUSE ME? as a vegetarian, cheese is my main source of protein. And I'm pretty sure that a couple 50-80 kcal string cheeses won't ruin anyone's diet.

@ 10:24am ET on January 24, 2011
Good Article, but I have a question: Delete all CHIPS from my diet? What about Trader Joe's Soy and Flaxseed Chips...I love them...please say that there are some exceptions to this no chips rule. :-(

@ 10:33am ET on January 24, 2011
My trainer is against most of what is listed above too. HOWEVER, the key fact is that to much of anything can be bad. If you are going to eat cheese, which we need dairy do so in moderation. That goes for chips and everything else. The problem is when you say NO CHIPS you crave them and then crash. How about 17 baked lays at x calories? Or a diet pack of chips...? I love chips and cheese but I make sure (when I do it right) that I do not exceed 1200 calories a day... so if I want chips I have chips, if I want steak I have it. BUT I never go over the limit. GOOD ADVICE though :O)

@ 10:50am ET on January 24, 2011
I like what you are saying Maryk23, but then, I would because I am a chip and cheese lover too. :)

@ 3:56pm ET on January 24, 2011
You mention four foods, yet you conclude by saying "[...] make sure these five foods don't end up in your cart."
What's the fifth food item?

@ 7:59am ET on January 25, 2011
"The less fat you have in your diet, the less fat you have on your body."


You're an expert? Eek!

@ 7:34am ET on January 27, 2011
Will you explain the picture? Thanks. If we can't have meat, cheese, chips or flour what can we have? I'm the type of person that if you tell me I can't have something then I want it even more. What can we substitute for? Also, feta cheese is low in fat and high in flavor. I've never heard that salt makes you fat. =^.^=

@ 3:19pm ET on January 31, 2011
Although I agree on the idea behind this (I think everything has good alternatives), this could have been written better. It's very, "Eat this and you're going to be fat". It's very demotivating.

@ 9:33am ET on February 1, 2011
I eat subs and sandwiches mostly (with turkey), it made a huge difference in calories when i stopped getting cheese.. it helps allot!! and when you have allot of veggies on your sandwich you don't even notice the cheese anyway!

@ 3:47am ET on February 2, 2011
"uh EXCUSE ME? as a vegetarian, cheese is my main source of protein. And I'm pretty sure that a couple 50-80 kcal string cheeses won't ruin anyone's diet."

If you're a vegetarian cheese should NOT be your main source of protein. Protein sources like beans, quinoa, lentils, etc. should be a staple in your diet. They are extremely healthy (rich in protein, fibre, low in fat, and packed full of other nutrients) and, vegetarian or not, I think they should be a regular food in everyone's diet. I'm a vegetarian as well, and I believe it's healthier to eat that way, but I've also learned it's easy to eat a high fat and cholesterol diet even without meat.

@ 8:35pm ET on February 3, 2011
@MorticiaHemlock if cheese is your major source of protien then i am not sure you understand vegitarian lifestyle. I have been on and off vegitarian for years. I go through periods where i will not eat meat at all, and sometimes i will only eat fish (pecestarian) and i have almost always had some sort of protien substitute. Beans and legumes are a huge sorce of fiber and protien, also nuts, and even faux meat products. It is good that you have milk in your diet, however cheese is not very healthy to have large quantities of. It has a lot of fat, and not very muct nutritional value. I would suggest that if you plan on having cheese as your main source of protien that you do your research and perhaps opt for cheese made from skim milk, or even goat cheese.

@ 6:16am ET on February 15, 2013
Does anyone know about "Ideal Protein?" If so, I would like your input.

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