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My Journey

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For the PE classes here at ASU we have to do these things called a Fitness-Gram. You do one at the beginning of the class and one at the end and then compare the results. It's just various tests that measure your fitness level. ... Here were my results:

Pacer: 10 laps
Curl ups: 25
Trunk lift: 12"
Pushups: 7 (it would have been more if I could have done the "girl style" pushups on my knees ha ha)
Sit-and-reach: Right-11, Left-13.5
Shoulder Stretch: Yes for both left and right
% Body Fat: 33.6
BMI: 29.5

Not as great as I would have wanted... and as usual the pacer almost killed me. Blah! But hopefully the results for the end of the semester will be better!

Later days!

@ 12:36pm ET on October 22, 2012 Such a cool way to track your progress! Can't wait to hear the results for the end of the semester!
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