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So I'm a Pinterest addict, and I saw this great idea about putting a dollar in a jar for every workout, and setting a goal like $50, then spending it on something you really want. I thought this was a great idea, so I puffy painted a vase and did the first workout yesterday. I usually have problems with staying motivated and with saving money, so this is a real win-win for me! :)

@ 4:06pm ET on July 24, 2012 Pinterest addicts unite!! ;) I hope you follow Diet.com on Pinterest - you can find us by clicking on the Pinterest icon in the upper right of every Diet.com page. Plus, you can now pin all of our site pages, using the "Pin It" button on the left side of the screen!

I LOVE the Fitness Jar idea! Please take a pic of yours and keep us updated with fresh picks as you add more $ to your jar! You can learn how to add an image to your blog by heading to this post that I wrote awhile back:

@ 2:00pm ET on July 25, 2012 Very good idea!!! I just might have to do this!
@ 5:31pm ET on July 25, 2012 That is a really great idea and an excellent way to kill two birds w/ one stone!
@ 11:24pm ET on July 25, 2012 Love this idea. =^.^=
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