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Hi, hello, hola, Goda daggin, You will see that I'm not really into this week's workout mostly because I'm in pain from the worst dentist appt. in my life. That was last Friday and the pain is unbearable still, the dentist told me to just take more of the scrip, Hydocodone/Ibuprofen and have to wait it out until the next appt.!?! Is it safe? Just tired of being in pain, I did take a 3 mile walk yesterday. I don't know if there is any difference in my belly area, I can't really tell. I do feel stronger and the weights feel lighter. If you want to skip to the end, there is a big surprise. =^.^=

@ 5:03pm ET on May 1, 2012
Hey Myrna! Sorry I didn't get a chance to watch this until now! Thanks for posting the vid!

Ball plank roll outs look good - just make sure that you straighten you upper arms a bit, so that you're actually holding yourself up off of the ball using your forearms as your "base". Once you're in that position, you'll just want to make sure that you take a moment to stabilize yourself while there, really engaging your core. Then, use your ab muscles to roll yourself back up to the start position.

For crunches on exercise ball, one thing I always keep in mind when I'm doing crunches is to not lower my chin to my chest. If my chin is hitting my chest, then I know that my neck is doing more work than my abs. You can usually feel it kind of tweaking your neck when you do it that way, as well. Keep "proud chin" in mind when doing crunches and it'll help to make you engage your core more, and your neck less!

Your sumo squats look really good! As a fun mini-challenge to yourself, I bet you could do 15-20 of those in one set!

When performing the deadlifts, make sure to keep your chin up, looking forward the whole time, and keep your back straight. I do deadlifts every time I'm at the gym, and before I begin I always take a moment to prep my body so I'm in the correct position: I stand with my feet about shoulder width apart, I keep my neck straight, looking straight ahead, and I take a deep breath as I roll my shoulders back and away from my ears. This leaves me in what is sometimes called "proud chest" stance. I maintain this torso position as I slide the dumbbells down the front of my legs, bending forward, and I really squeeze my thighs and glutes as I roll the dumbbells back up my legs as I return to start position. Lately I've really had to take the time to remind myself to squeeeeze as I'm returning to standing position. Sometimes you can easily just go through the motions, without engaging the correct muscles. Doing so will prevent you from getting the real results you want to see out of the exercises!

With your walking lunges, there are two important things to always remember: keep your knee from going past your toe, and drive the weight into your front planted heel. If you put the weight into your toe, or let your knees go past your toes, you're really opening yourself up to a knee injury, which we really really really don't want!

Your single leg hip lifts look really good! Just make sure you're driving your weight into the planted heel - which you'll feel in your booty and up the back of your leg (hamstring area). I bet you could really do a ton of those as well if you challenged yourself! You have strong legs!

Great job on the plank upper body march as well! You kept your hips nice and sturdy and avoided the wobble! Make sure to keep your hands pretty well lined up beneath your shoulders, so your arms are perpendicular to the floor.

Nice job with your dynamic side planks. I semi-recently began doing these at the gym, and at first it's kind of tricky to figure out how to engage the correct muscles. This move targets the obliques which are basically your "side abs" - the idea is to squeeeeeze with your obliques to raise your hips up. Keep that in mind the next time you try them and let me know if it helps!

Your alternating supermans look good! Make sure to keep your hips square to the ground (to avoid the wobble) and you also want to keep your head straight - in what they call "neutral spine" - so that your whole spine (picture your tailbone to the tip of your head) is all in one straight line.

Great job overall Myrna - you're doing GREAT! It's great to hear that you're feeling stronger and that the weights are feeling lighter. That's what it's all about!! :) Like I said, I bet you could really challenge yourself and do several more reps of each of those exercises. Go for it!

Keep it up!!

@ 10:50am ET on May 3, 2012
Thank you once again for the feedback and how I can improve on the routine. I see where my knees went over on the lunges, oy vey! and the dead lifts, there's so much to think about. =^.^=

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