Alicia Kirschenheiter is an American Council on Exercise Certified Advanced Health & Fitness Expert, Personal Trainer, Fitness Coach, Certified Weight & Lifestyle Management consultant and Certified Wellcoach. Alicia is owner of Evolution Total Wellness Inc. located in New York, providing health and wellness solutions for individuals and businesses. Alicia is also a published fitness, health and wellness writer for a variety of venues and author of Oscar and Otis – Fat Fighters, a children’s book about healthy lifestyle choices.

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The Pursuit of Ultimate Wellness

by Alicia Kirschenheiter, Certified Advanced Health & Fitness Expert, Personal Trainer, Fitness Coach
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I realize that I am totally going to date myself here... but there's an old movie titled Finnegan Begin Again. It was a somewhat cliché movie about a man starting his life over in his late 50's. And although I don't remember the ins and outs of the movie specifics, I do remember the title quite well and the context in which I've put it into effect in my life. It's funny how some things stick with you. Everyone - and I truly mean everyone - has ups and downs. We have all ridden the rollercoaster, whether it be in respect to our personal lives, our emotions or our health and wellness.

"Finnegan Begin Again" has become the thing that I find myself saying when I think I, too, am done and have had enough... enough of the day or the situation or the rollercoaster. It's become the thing I find myself saying in my head when I need to pick up, dust off and start over. It is my mantra of self motivation of sorts.

Every day is a new day. Every minute a new chance to start or finish. And while wellness is a big part of my life and my personal passion... it doesn't mean that all days I wake ready to go with wings on my shoes and the gym music pounding in ears. I, like everyone else, can lose my motivation. I am fortunate that fitness is such a routine for me that I don't lose it for long, but I too identify with needing to find my groove again. I look to my inspiration. I keep it close. I remember and remind myself why I care so much. Why my health is important to me and why I need to make it the best I possibly can.

Motivation however, is very individual. What inspires me to be better, work harder and keep going isn't necessarily what works for anyone else. I have learned a few things that work as great reminders I'd like to share:

• What's Your Mantra?
Mantras are the sayings, words of wisdoms and little pieces of life that move you. Search for the thing that speaks to you and hits a heart string. Memorize it. Refer back to it every morning and every night before you go to sleep. Write it down and keep it visible when you need. Most of all believe it.

• Who Inspires You?
There's always that one person... you know who I mean... It can be the person you saw in the gym once moving and sweating. It can be your mom. It can be Gandhi. Whoever moves you, there are traits and pieces of their personality, their stature or their wellness you identify with, you want. What are they? When you know what they are... you can plot and plan on how to achieve them for yourself. Everyone needs a start point.

I've always said, fitness is easy... motivation and staying motivated is the hardest part for everyone... even for people you may not think would need a push from time to time. So Finnegan... Begin Again and stick with it. It's crucial for our best health and our best self. Be well.

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