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Let ' working out' never get boring

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I am in the middle of exams and havent worked out for 4 days already.And I am eating really unhealthy too:Coffee and take out Chinese,damn:(Its funny how you promise yourself that you will work out every day no matter what and then whenever you get even a little late at the library or have too many assignments piled up before exams,you look for the quickest excuse to skip the gym.Actually,since January I have been quite regular.I have developed an object of my affection:The Glamour Magazine .And I keep flipping through pages as the time goes by while I am on the treadmill or ellyptical.But looks like fashion fanaticism isnt enough to keep me glued to the gym during the exams:(Another one week and I will be done.

Summer looks encouraging for my weight control plan.I plan to get hands on on my camera and just take pictures of tress and flowers while walking.Maybe its going to be a totally new me come September:)

Fingers crossed:)

@ 10:57am ET on April 19, 2012 Good luck with exams!
@ 12:41pm ET on April 19, 2012 Thanks Carlotta:)
@ 1:14pm ET on April 21, 2012 Keep at it lass x You can do it. Walking amongst nature is a great way to stay grounded and focused. It is also good keep fit.
@ 11:13am ET on April 22, 2012 Yeah,I hope more exposure to the nature motivates me to shred pounds faster at the gym.I actually have few hiking trips RSVPd from the Meetup.com.
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