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Vice Busting with Julia Havey

by Julia Havey, Diet.com Coach & Motivator
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more shows and do them better. That seems like a realistic and obtainable goal to me. She said that she works in a factory and is busy all day, eats on the run (mostly from the vending machine at work) and goes home at lunch to feed her dog and let him out (and grabs a frozen budget meal while there). Then, she goes back to work, finishes her day and heads home to relax before bedtime; watching TV or reading a bit. OK, this gave me a good feel for what her life is like and a clear picture of a few things that could easily be changed. For one thing, what exactly was she grabbing from the vending machine? (Candy bars; six of them a day on average.)
What type of frozen lunch did she prepare? (Not the "lean" ones but rather the higher fat and sodium filled products.)
How busy or "active" was she in a typical day? (She didn't have an answer.)
I suggested that for one day she keep a precise food journal and tell me not only what she consumes but also how many total calories were in the foods. I also instructed her to get a pedometer so that she would know exactly how active she is on a busy day. It turns out that she was only walking about 900 steps a day -- and even more shocking -- she consumed over 5,000 calories.
My advice for her was to start drinking water (at least 64-plus ounces of it a day), to snack on fruits or veggies rather than the candy bars, to switch her frozen meals to the healthier options and to increase her steps by 50 a week.
Now, four weeks later:
She is consuming around 84 ounces of water a day; is snacking on fruit and socializing with her co-workers at break time (she used to buy the candy bars and eat them alone so no one would see), eating lunch at home same as before but just a different type of frozen meal (what a really easy change if you think about it!) and she is walking. She was amazed to realize "what bad shape she was in" after she did a 30-minute walk, but that realization has fueled her journey. She is now becoming perhaps the most motivated person I know!
Follow these 5 easy, quick to implement and sure changes that will lead YOU to your weight loss dreams and goals! I would love to hear what your changes are going to be!
and, get your FREE copy of "Secrets of the Fittest" at www.ViceBusting.com, you simply download and listen!

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@ 7:06am ET on February 20, 2008
I agree about having to gulp on ounces of water! I have this 32 oz tumbler which I take with me where I go thus I try to gulp on the entire bottle every single day, either at work or during my break or just as wherever I go. I actually have a name for my tumbler, it even travelled as much as I did! Yep, I have been taking it in every country I've been to.. such a survivor! even to the plane! Hehe

I add LEMON on my water or cranberry but that's just when I'm out of the country or when there is one availble wedges if not, just those power water! ;)

sigh. Thanks Julia!! Looking forward for more good reads from you and yep, I'd perhaps email you too. Thanks thanks thanks!

@ 9:44am ET on February 20, 2008
Water is what makes up 75% of our body, it just makes sense to replenish it! Sounds like you have a good travel partner!

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