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Ammo’s “one body, one mind” approach has made him a top fitness professional. His experience in nutrition, rehab, sports specific training, functional exercises and mixed martial arts self-defense has helped clients achieve all their fitness goals.

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More Ammo For Your Workout
by Ammo, Fitness Professional

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If one more client tells me that they want Madonna's arms I'm going to tell them to go ask Madonna for them.

That's right- genetics are commander in chief on where the number of fat cells show up in your body. So if your genes don't say Madonna, they might say... OK, I won't say. I want you to like me and this arm-toning article.

The best exercises for toning arms are single-joint movements and aerobic exercise. As far as cardio is concerned, choose your weapon from the many calorie-burning programs available. I'll help you with the strength training exercises.

These exercises target the shoulders (for that nice diamond cut down the side of your arm), your biceps, and your triceps. Since the tricep muscles of the arm make up two-thirds of the arm size, I threw in two tricep exercises in this routine.

Lateral Raise

Lateral Raises/Deltoid Fly
• Stand and hold dumbbells at the sides.

• Keeping a slight bend in the elbow, lift the arms out to the sides, stopping at shoulder level.

• Lower back to start and repeat for 2-3 sets for 12 reps.

• Keep the back straight and the abs contracted throughout the movement.

• Keep the wrists straight and the elbows just slightly bent.

Tricep Pushup

Tricep Push Up
This variation is shown on a ball, though you can do them on the floor as well.

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