For the past 27 years, Leslie has been showing people that our bodies are made to move. With her boundless energy and enthusiasm, Leslie teaches people of all ages and sizes how to get fit, stay fit, and feel better about life, simply by walking. She is a frequent face on QVC where she promotes her line of best-selling videos, books and products.

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Walk Away The Pounds!

by Leslie Sansone, Fitness professional
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The modern world took our calorie-burning power away so here's how to burn hundreds of calories more each day!
walking, burn calories
More walking for fitness
Walk for 10 minutes BEFORE lunch and dinner! You can knock out hundreds of calories a day!

More walking to communicate
Don't e-mail... walk to talk to a co-worker! At home? Get a headset on your phone and MOVE while chatting!

More walking for meals
No grocery delivery or pizza delivery, go to the market! Cooking burns calories!!!!!

More walking for errands
The dry cleaning, the post office, kids out-grew their shoes so head to the shoe store -- errands burn calories!

More walking for FUN!
Make it a tradition to walk after every Sunday meal, or walk to the movies, to dinner... wherever your FUN is!

Walking for 10 minutes at a brisk pace can burn 100 calories or more (this varies depending on your body weight, speed and fitness level). It's reasonable to expect approximately 100 calories used per 10 minutes of brisk walking for most people.

2,000 steps is approximately 1 mile of walking (this varies depending on your stride length). It is reasonable to expect that most people cover 1 mile in about 2,000 steps.

3 sessions of 10 minutes brisk walking - spread out through your day - gives similar health benefits to 1 session of 30 minutes. BELIEVE in small doses of exercise. You can get in shape in "minutes" a day!

It all adds up to more muscle in motion -- and a slimmer, healthier you!

Get walkin'!

- Leslie

@ 11:51am ET on March 31, 2008
Aww gosh I hope i'd be one of us (them) hahaha :D

@ 1:30pm ET on November 28, 2011
So the whole premise is walk everywhere or just about everywhere, right?

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