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Last night I had a small case of food poisoning. I basically couldn't stop pooping for a while. I mean... sorry if that's a TMI. But yeah. Facts of food poisoning. But later in the night I started having this overwhelming feeling that something wasn't right. I was a lil dizzy and light headed and I was shaky and jittery. It was just such an uneasy feeling. I called my sister in law, who's a nurse, and she suggested that I do go into the ER just to make sure everything was ok. I later called my mom and she agreed. So I got a friend to drive me there.

Now keep in mind... this is a huge deal. I've never been to the ER. I actually totally hate doctors and hospitals. It takes a lot for me to actually agree to go see a doctor. Even the campus doctors. I mean... the night I fainted I refused to go to the hospital. But last night terrified me so much I just had to go. I think I was worried about fainting again. So I went, they took blood and urine and they even did a chest xray to check out my soreness from my fall three weeks ago.

The whole thing took about three hours.... which was mostly comprised of waiting. In the end, everything turned out normal except my white blood cell count was slightly higher than they feel it should be, but the doctor said it's probably just from when I was sick earlier in the night from the food poisoning and my body was trying to heal itself or whatever.

Soooo good news is that there's no cause for alarm at all. I'm perfectly fine. Though where they took my blood is slightly swollen and pretty bruised which sucks. I just got off of a 6 hour shift which was horrible because of being sore and tired the whole time. I have a 7 hour shift ahead of me tomorrow... blah.

Anyway I just wanted to post on here about the ER trip. I'm feeling better already aside from being tired and sore. Hope everyone has a great week ahead of them!

Later days!

@ 1:19am ET on August 19, 2012
Glad you're okay!!! X-rays are no big deal, and glad you made yourself go to make sure everything was aokay. I mean... I've had way more intrussive things done in the er... LOL

@ 2:20pm ET on August 20, 2012
Glad you're OK!

@ 2:46pm ET on August 20, 2012
Yeah it could have been a lot worse than it actually turned out to be. Looking back I probably should have just drank more water and went to sleep. I probably would have felt better in the morning. But I've been such a lil freaking hypochondriac lately, and even my mom told me to just go to the ER and get checked out just to be on the safe side. But yes, I've been feeling a lot better the past day or two aside from some tiredness from having a hard time getting to sleep and staying asleep.

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