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Gonna be a long, windy road from here.

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I weighed in yesterday at 193.8 :D I think the last time I saw that number was when I was puking my guts out when I was freshly pregnant with my oldest son -- I lost weight in the first trimester because the morning sickness was so awful! So that was almost 4 years ago now! :O

My 190 progress picture is only like 3.5lbs away!

Somebody asked me in the comments the other day on one of my blogs how I continue to count calories when its such a hassle --

Well... I do it because its the only way I've EVER managed to make any sort of difference in my eating/weight.

I started it as a last resort. When I first started, I thought it was going to be a huge hassle and that it was going to set me back and frustrate me and that I was going to obsess over the end amount of calories that I consumed that day.

It surprised me to find that I rather enjoyed the calorie counting. In the beginning it helped me to get a hold on what I was putting in my mouth and I started making more conscious choices about my food and drinks.

And then I started seeing pounds come off, and for the first time in my LIFE, I lost more than 5lbs and I did it intentionally. Then 10, 15, 20lbs. Each pound that came off, I could say was because I was writing it down in my notebook and making note of how much it "cost" me to eat.

Every time in my life that I've tried to just 'eat healthier' and 'make better choices' without literally adding it all up at the end of the day, I have found it WAY too easy to have "just one" cookie and an extra slice of pizza, etc... because I was never accountable for it at the end of the day.

I rather doubt I can continue to count calories for the rest of my life. And it would be nice if I could stop doing it after I reach my goal. But if, in the end, I have to keep counting them to maintain a healthy weight, then that is what works for me and that is what is important.

I haven't found it to be inconvenient, in the long run. ...    Continue

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@ 11:28pm ET on May 28, 2012 congratulations on your weight loss. I am so proud of you. I weighed the saturday and I was down 2 pounds which i guess is ok since i am up 10 in the last 2 months. keep you the good work.
@ 12:52pm ET on May 29, 2012 Great blog! Thanks for sharing all of your tips about calorie counting, and congrats on your continued weight loss success!
@ 9:43am ET on May 30, 2012 Well done lass! You are doing so well. I also find that the only way i can lose wieight is to calorie count.
@ 12:17am ET on May 31, 2012 Thank you, ladies!
@ 1:25pm ET on June 4, 2012 It has been almost a year since I posted!!! I love see old faces!!! Congrats on everything, I have missed you!
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