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Diet.com is thrilled to announce an important milestone that we've recently reached:

Our renowned YouTube channel, diethealth, has just passed the 100,000,000 views mark!

We're thrilled to mark this exciting milestone, and couldn't have done it without our awesomely dedicated viewers and channel subscribers.

To commemorate the "100 Million Views" occasion, Diet.com is teaming up with some of our favorite healthy products AND fitness trainers to put together a slew of exciting prize packages for a GRAND GIVEAWAY!!!

Check out the first announcement about the giveaway here...

We'll be unveiling more and more details about the giveaway and prizes over the next several weeks, but one thing I can tell you for sure is that this giveaway will only be open to diethealth subscribers! So if you're not subbed to our YouTube channel, head over and subscribe now:

>> diethealth on YouTube <<

Our channel has produced nearly 550 videos in the last 6 years, and has been mentioned in both the Washington Post and Shape magazine. We've featured dozens of fitness trainers, including Katrina Hodgson (now of ToneItUp.com fame!), Stephen Cabral, Cassy Ho, Tyler Duckworth (former Real World cast member and current personal trainer), Hanneke Antonelli, Erica Bornstein, Jessica Bergenfield, and more. We've also worked with tons of great nutrition enthusiasts who've shared their recipes, like our buddies at ThinkThin and even Bethenny Frankel in her pre-Real Housewives early days!

This health-conscious cast of characters, along with our long-time video host and producer Sarah Dussault, have all helped to make Diet.com's Videos a success over the last 5+ years. For that, we say, "THANK YOU!"

Don't forget to stay tuned for more info about our BIG giveaway! We'll have multiple winners, and you're going to want to be one of them!!

Oh and by the way - we're at 100,250,000+ views now :)

@ 9:42am ET on August 29, 2012 Where have I been? I didn't even know you guys had a youtube channel. Just subscribed =)
100 million views, congratulations!!!
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