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So no soda for me at all this week not even the weekend.I usaually have a 12oz can on Saturday & Sunday, but I'm so sick of my stomach I'm going Military.Only water and milk. Maybe juice on the weekend. I'm still up in the air about the actual treadmil/cardio because the say it's good for trying to lose belly fat and tone,but it's not good for trying to put on healthy weight and kinda bulking up. I guess I'll just keep doing my afternoon walks in place of it. Thanks to everyone who has been giving me deeper insight as to what I need to do. The support is greatly appreciated. This week squats,lunges, crunches,push-ups,the stepper,and the bicycle. I see small changes in my stomach,thighs,and butt surpisingly. Only changes I would see though. Hopefully I can put on a healthy 8 pounds and get my stomach down.

@ 4:29pm ET on August 21, 2012
Dang. Well put me to shame. Im all about running and Im so horrible at the strength training. Goodluck and Just remeber walk at a fast pace so your heart rate goes up. lol.

@ 4:20pm ET on August 22, 2012
Congrats on the changes you are seeing already: ) I always say slow and steady wins the race! So I am a big fan of slow and steady changes in bodies too!


P.S. I like to drink seltzer water with lemon! If you miss carbonation...seltzer is a nice way to get it! I have a bottle next to me now : )

@ 3:05pm ET on August 24, 2012
Good for you for ditching the soda Stephanie! That stuff is noooo good for you, and your body will definitely thank you for cutting it out. I know you've already done such a GREAT job of cutting WAY back on it!

Regarding the cardio - I found this blog that may add a new dimension to this question for you:

Do you feel differently about "HIIT" than you do about "steady pace cardio"? If so, we've got lots of expert blogs about HIIT, so you can do a quick site search for those!

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