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It’s halfway through the spring semester, and I’ve got my weekly routine down. I work at a hip nightclub and meet with friends on the weekends; Monday through Thursday I focus on my fulltime classes.

As an upper-level student, I have intense reading and writing classes which require time, energy and devotion. Distractions must be eliminated " and that includes worrying about whether or not I am nourishing my body as well as I should be. Forgetting about what’s “hot” in the magazines, I’ve memorized the course syllabuses, figured out the best places to park my car at the busiest hours of the day, and learned exactly what certain professors are really looking for in their best students.

Between-Class Meals

But perhaps the most important part of my day is also the easiest: deciding what to eat in between classes. Like most college campuses, Florida Gulf Coast University (FGCU) offers a wide variety of dining options. Many students opt for the popular brand-name spots such as Taco Bell, Subway, and Einstein Brothers Bagels. At lunchtime, students can expect to wait in long lines for their familiar on-the-go meals. However, for only a few bucks more than a Subway salad, I can go into the Perch all-you-can-eat dining facility and enjoy a buffet-style lunch with options from the organic salad bar to the pizza station to the dessert table.

I typically have an hour or two between classes, so returning home would be ridiculous for me and the thousands of other commuters attending FGCU. It’s a great time to get some last-minute studying done, while powering up with some delicious brain food.

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@ 1:14pm ET on March 12, 2008
I envy you for having the commitment to pass by all the "good foods" and regiment yourself as you do. Stick to it, the older you get the tougher it is. Thanks for the info.

@ 10:52pm ET on March 12, 2008
What's good on the go. Although I am far past college you have typical places to eat that are healthy and unhealthy to eat. But being someone on the go and a job that takes me many places with on the go choices, can you do more on the go research that are not only healthy but good on the go meals available at these places. And as far I as I can remember I do remember the freshmen 15 even though I am a guy. Many all you can eat and very bad foods in college and limited choices. I would be interested also in your selections at the bagel place. Now where I work there is a brand new American Bagel Factory and they have many choices that are the same as the one on your campus. If you stop there let me know what healthy selections you find. Keep the great information coming.

@ 11:58am ET on March 15, 2008
This article is great because it is a subject that effects millions of college students and yet you never see anything written about it.

All over the place you read about "How to eat right" or "This diet is great because...", but sometimes you just don't have those options. I can use myself as an example. I am in the middle of a huge legal battle with my employers and pretty much haven't been paid in over a month. Whenever I don't have the money to feed myself, I have to rely on my cafeteria at school.

While our school has been more health food friendly in the past few years, thanks to the increasing number of dance students, it is still not the most nutritious food in the world. But whenever you have a situation like I have, or as you stated with sometimes you only have a few minutes between class, it can be really hard to pay attention to what you are eating and making sure you are eating right.

I think you had excellent insight into this subject and I can't wait to read more.

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