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I am generally not the type to get wasted (especially when you look at how many calories are in a glass of wine!) but I make the big mistake of not eating enough when I'm drinking. So I was in very poor shape this morning!

How on earth does exercise help hangovers?! I mean I get it, by this afternoon all the movement was helpful, but even sitting up was terrible this morning- and I went to work! Bleh.

So, I had juice, and fruit smoothies and then an all-day breakfast panini from work- which wasn't terrible, but NOM for bacon and eggs!

I guess I wasn't all that bad, just terribly dehydrated, but it feels like I've been munching all day. But really, small portions and mostly fruit. Anything that tastes like water! Oh and ginger beer has magical stomach settling qualities.

In other news, I went and bought some really cute new workout clothes. I want to feel good whilst working my ass off (literally)! And feeling frumpy at Zumba, even when I love doing it, was getting me down. So, yay! Busy busy, but zumba tomorrow and then my first day at my new gym on tuesday. Then zumba on wednesday, a busy working day on thurs, and the day off on Friday.

One day at a time! Oh, and I lost the first pound to get me going again. Woop!

@ 2:24pm ET on April 23, 2012
Oh man! I very rarely drink alcohol b/c I always feel quite sick the next day - and sometimes for the next several days! Drink lots of water and you might actually want to avoid anything acidic - like certain fruits - b/c they can upset your stomach.

Show us a picture of your new workout clothes!! I love getting new workout clothes - it always makes me more excited to workout :)

@ 7:28pm ET on April 24, 2012
Drink twice as much water as you do alcohol, it'll reduce the effect of the hangover in the morning. :) Also, Pedialyte works fairly well to help rehydrate. I always throw up more from hangovers than from the actual drinking! Yuuuuuck. Simple foods, (toast) lots of water... a warm shower. ;)

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