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I woke up late today so I didn't eat breakfast, but I was able to wait until lunch time. This past Friday I had went grocery shopping and bought a head of lettuce, onions and canned chicken among other things. I had chopped up the lettuce and dived it into 5 Rubbermaid dishes. I decided if I get snacky or if it's time for a meal, I would have one. They worked great and is wonderful for my husband, who is only 155 lbs., to grab one and enjoy! Today I had one for lunch and I added onions and 2oz. of canned white chicken, which I hope is okay for now, and 2 tablespoons of Ceasar dressing and a large glass of ice water. I am planning on getting light dressing, it's just what we have in the house at the moment. It was delicious and drinking water has made me full as well:) Today is off to a good start! PS I have been without soda for almost one week!

@ 1:58pm ET on October 3, 2012 Good for you for drinking lots of water and for ditching soda! Two great decisions :)

Planning your meals out ahead of time is a great strategy, and preparing them ahead of time is super smart as well! Check out Diet.com's Recipes for lots of meal ideas - from sandwiches to salads to soups to suppers!
@ 7:12am ET on October 6, 2012 well done lass.
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