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Day four and I've reached my first screw up. This morning at work I was hungry and wanted a mid-morning snack. Usually I have a yogurt, since I keep a few in the break room for times like these. On my way to the break room I passed the fundraising table selling candy bars and stopped in my tracks as soon as I saw a dark chocolate bar. Dark chocolate is my favorite indulgence and my biggest enemy. People have told me time and time again that it's ok because a little bit of dark chocolate is good for you. Oh no, I cannot just eat a little bit. I went back to my desk and enjoyed the entire thing. About 30 seconds after that, I wanted to cry because I had veered off course after 3 days of making positive changes.
After taking time to understand my emotions and why I did this, (I need to learn to control my cravings. I was bored and had it in my mind that I NEEDED dark chocolate. I bet if I got the yogurt I would have forgotten the candy once I had satisfied my hunger)I realized I needed to take it as a learning experience and not derail the progress of the last few days. So far so good. I stuck to whole, fresh, and clean foods for lunch and made plans with a friend to hit the track tonight.
Hoping to make the next three days good ones in order to get back on track.

@ 7:06pm ET on August 31, 2012
I like to encourage folks to identify what they'd like to do differently the next time you encounter this scenario. Use it as a learning experience! It's all about planning - and planning for what you'll do the next time you are faced with an obstacle.

GOOD for you for keeping healthy yogurts at work - that's a great step! It's a great reason to get up and take a walk at work. For emergency days when you think that walking to the break room will result in walking past something "too tempting", keep some extra snacks in your desk! Be sure to keep a big water bottle with you at your desk, and refill it several times throughout the day. Keeping properly hydrated will make you feel more satisfied and less hungry, which will in turn leave you better equipped to say, "No thanks" to the chocolate.

How was the track with your buddy?

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