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Getting my sexy back..

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Minor slip. Well this morning I was supposed to have a easy run of 2 miles and I did not make it out. Do to having major cramps from you know. went to bed early took meds and woke up at 4 am taking heavier meds. lol. So yeah it was a doozy. But i will be out tonight running in my bright neon shorts and flashlight and I will stop by radioshack to pick up a arm band for my phone. Yay. Also oppsy I had 3 oatmeal cookies last night before bed at like 8pm bc i needed something to take with the meds and I wanted something sweet. But i will be throwing them out today. SUnday is the big run. 10 miles.

Everything else is going good. Keeping my head up.

Thank You
Lots of love.

@ 11:51pm ET on July 15, 2012 I hope you had a good run today! And yay for tossing the cookies.
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