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Getting my sexy back..

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FIVE MILES WHAT....LOL Yes i completed my frist five miles of training yay. It was supposed to be six but you know I did my best. And no did not run the whole thing i kept it up 13 min miles which was great. I definetly still dont understand the runners high but maybe one day I will get there. Tomorrow I run 2 Miles which they say is a easy run and Sunday is my long run 10 miles. Ohh and btw the training program I am on is great. The schedule is amazing they have different kinds of runs and I di have breaks in the week. I just fell behind a day and I had to double up. Thank You for the advice and the support it helps alot. Also the eating part is great. Oatmeal in the morning, water water water ohh and water..lol there is this parkling ice drink i found that is great for when i crave carbonation..lol. Lunch I have a salad or tuna. I am in love with the spinach leafs. And dinner im working on but i had tilapia and spinache last night. Ohh and nothin after seven and during the after noon if i get hungary i have a handful of trail mix. Well happy work outs yall I will keep you posted. This may actually work for me. yay finally. Minus the few negative people I know in my life. Hopefully they will come around. I hate doubt. lol.

Lots of love elise.

@ 7:00pm ET on July 12, 2012 What program are you following? I'd love to know. It sounds fun. Honestly I've always wanted to run a marathon, but I'd love to have someone to do it with. I just don't have that. But, if I followed a program it would be easier.
@ 10:49am ET on July 13, 2012 The website is Runners wolrd and its called smart coach.
@ 10:31am ET on July 17, 2012 Yay!! I'm so glad we get to cheer you on - what wonderful progress you're making!
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