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Happy July 3rd :) Can't wait to hear about all of your Independence Day plans! Check out all of our experts' blogs for advice and tips on how to tackle the holiday without ditching your diet and fitness plans!

I went on a fun little adventure this past weekend, and wanted to share it with you via some pictures. I went to Crater Lake National Park with my boyfriend David, where we did some hiking and some swimming!

Crater Lake is a huge crater that was left after Mt. Mazama erupted and then imploded on itself 7,700 years ago. The collapsed volcano formed a basin, which has steadily filled with rain water and snow melt, forming a crystal clear, unbelievably blue lake. It's 5 miles across, about 33 miles around, and reaches depths of nearly 2,000 ft! The lake itself is at an elevation of around 6,000 ft, while parts of the rim that surround the lake reach 8,000 ft.

There is only one trail that goes down to the lake's edge - the sole access point to the lake. It's a 1.1 mile hike, but it's a 700 ft elevation change, so it's a good workout! We walked down the trail to the water, and actually got up the nerve to get in. I say "got up the nerve" because it was COLD! I mean, REALLY cold!

But look how beautiful:

crater lake
{ !!! }

I even mustered up the courage to jump off of some rocks, about 20 ft above the water, into the lake:

crater lake
{ That's me! }

So fun! And of course then we had to hike back up the 1.1 mile trail, which was great because there were so many beautiful views along the way:

cleetwood cove
{ Uber pure water }

We ended up going down to the basin twice during the weekend, so we did that 700 ft up-and-down climb twice. We did a few other smaller hikes and walks as well, and I felt great knowing I was combining exercise and leisure. :)

As always, I hope that this blog has inspired you to climb out of your comfort zones and take advantage of the great outdoors. Share your own pics and adventures in your Diet.com blog!

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