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So, I'v been on a diet for more than three weeks now, I feel that I have lost some weight already, but I have no idea how much, because unfortunately I don't have scales here, but I can tell that I have lost some weight just by my clothes.
Anyways, today I feel that I want black chocolate, but I am not sure should I or should I not eat it, what kind of an effect it would leave on my diet? Any suggestions?

I really hope that there will be somebody who will help me with this chocolate dilemma! :)


@ 10:06am ET on October 29, 2011
Well I think a little bit of chocolate won't hurt you, specially black chocolate which is really good for you.
Just have a little piece and enjoy it. I think if you have been good in your diet you should have a treat once in a while other wise you will feel deprived and eat more in the end. another thing is that a diet is for life and are you never ever going to eat chocolate again??
Have a small piece, enjoy it and get on with your day.

@ 8:03am ET on October 30, 2011
You are totally right!!! Right now, I am enjoying a piece of dark chocolate (70%) with peppermint crisps, it taste so good and honestly, before I started this all I wasn't a big fan of a dark chocolate.
Thank you so much for the reply! :)
Good luck with your diet. ;)

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