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The man who removes a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.

I really love that Chinese Proverb! It is so true. We cannot meet our weight loss goal, without first losing one small pound at a time. After awhile, the one pound becomes two and then three and then 50!

I remember years ago getting frustrated because I didn't lose my weight overnight. I couldn't enjoy the small weight loss success, because my failure of not losing more weight clouded my happiness and success at that time. The days passed, then weeks and then finally I had given up altogether. Until now.

I was reflecting today on my Diet.com and Fresh Start Challenge success and it was then that I recalled this Chinese Proverb. If I had only taken the time then to enjoy the sweet success of one pound at at time, I would have realized my weightloss goals years ago. It's sad to think how much time I have wasted. How unhealthy I have been for so long. How if I had found this site with all of your encouragement, I might not have compromised my health for so long.

But, there is no looking back. We have ALL gained way too much to ever go back to unhealthy habits and weight gain. I am in this for the long haul. I no longer need a "quick fix" and I don't dwell on how long it will take me. Just one pound at a time and the mountain will disappear. One small stone today. A mountain next month or next year. But it will happen. I have such a different outlook this time than I did years ago. I've finally found the "I" in wIllpower, inItiative and DrIve!

I hope you do too...................

@ 10:36pm ET on March 2, 2008 here's to a divine intervention? i kid. :)

Hi woman! :0 Thanks for being with us in this challenge. don't go anywhere and keep it up! ;) Lets hold each other's hand together, yes? :)


Together with me? Yay! Let's loose breath together! *lol I'll try it today!
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