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Hello everyone..Most people are shocked to hear my actual eating habits.I honestly didn't cut out anything I just cut down. I was the type of girl who loved to have a cherry coke everyday twice a day 24oz. I love love love chocolate everyday I would eat 2 kit kat and 3 hershey bars. I'm a steak and rib eater so clearly you can see my down fall. My biggest weak spot is bread.I like water but after 2 bottles it's hard for me to keep drinking it.I cut back to only having soda on Saturday & Sunday & only 1 12oz can. I started eating oatmel or cream of wheat for breakfast along with a piece of fruit or apple sauce water was my drink 2 8oz bottles. I would have fish or baked chicken with lunch etc. I lost a lot of weight simply by changing my diet. Now that I'm trying to lose my belly fat I have to change it again. I really need help because this by far is the hardest area for me to get in shape. I'm even having success with my once super loose skin arms. I will take any tips in how to flatten your mid section & the foods that help. My diet only consists of me drinking water with every meal,milk & crangrape juice.No candy & no sweets. Keep in mind when making suggestions I have a Homer Simpson belly.

@ 12:32pm ET on August 16, 2012 I looked through our Nutrition Expert Blogs and found some that you might find helpful:




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