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28th September the McMilan big coffee morning, an opportunity to have a natter, a coffee, a cake and raise much needed funds for cancer nurses. How did I cope with this challenge? Brilliantly, I set up the cakes, walked around with the cakes on platters offering them out, I even had to place the left over’s in the staff biscuit tin. Then when I got home, there were two left on my kitchen side, two gorgeous pieces of chocolate Tiffin. Every time I walked past them I swear I could hear them whispering calling me; ‘eat me, eat me.’ The temptation was too much I caved in and ate one. Angry at myself I put the other one in the fridge, out of sight, out of mind. But nope even through the thick metal door I could hear the cake’s voice beckoning me to ‘eat me, eat me.’ It soon followed its friend.

Why this moment of weakness? I sat down and thought about it, I was under a lot of stress with my work situation so maybe I was comfort eating. Maybe I was one of those women that finds comfort in the bottom of the biscuit tin. That would explain my expanded waist line, but had I really needed that much comfort over the last 30 years!?!

Maybe I was missing cake, maybe I needed to find a low fat alternative. After trawling the Internet I found a low fat cake recipe and set to it. With my 2 year old daughters help we separated eggs, whisked the whites, folded in the mixture and took great pride in our cooking. After the allotted time we checked the results, instead of a beautifully raised cake what faced us was something that looked like an omelette. Not deterred we made the toping and decorated the cake. We sat down to eat it and nearly spat it out all over the place, it was disgusting it tasted like a wet soggy Yorkshire pudding topped with sour yoghurt! So back to the drawing board on this one.

Even with my cake relapse I lost a further 1lb this week making the total 29lbs in 9 weeks!

@ 12:51pm ET on October 9, 2012
Sounds like we need to find you a better cake recipe! You can find a ton of our Diet.com recipes for cakes here:


There are tons of "sweet tooth" solutions in our Diet.com Recipes, so check out all of the Desserts there!

Congratulations on the 29 lbs of weight loss so far! That's amazing!

@ 12:16pm ET on May 29, 2014
Hey Suzy, how are you doing these days? We'd love to hear an update from you :)

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