Kerryn O'Sullivan is a high school physical education teacher, certified personal trainer, and coach. Kerryn's passions include teaching others how to take better care of themselves so they can live long, healthy lives. Kerryn has expanded her audience to YouTube.com with her FunctionalFitnessKO channel offering tips on fitness and healthy eating.

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Functional Fitness

by Kerryn O'Sullivan, CPT, Physical Education teacher
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Can exercise make you smarter?

I was teaching a freshman fitness class the other day when we were discussing all of the amazing benefits of participating in cardiovascular exercises. My students were giving answers about how it improves confidence, reduces body fat, lowers Can Exercise Make You Smart?your risk of heart disease, lowers your resting heart rate, makes you feel happy, allows your cells to manage type II diabetes better, lowers your risk for some kinds of cancer - their answers just kept coming.

However, when I asked if they knew about the academic benefits they all stared at me. "Working out can't make you smarter Ms. O," one of my students tells me. "Well, actually it can help you get there!" I reply.

Yes, exercise can have a positive effect on learning. There have been countless studies focusing on cardiovascular exercises and the direct benefits of learning. As Dr. John Ratey, the author of the book Spark says, cardio increases brain derived neurotrophic factor. BDNF is like "miracle grow" for the brain. It helps you make stronger connections so when you learn something after doing some hard cardio, it is ingrained in your brain even better! That's right, parents, have your kids schedule their hardest class right after PE; college kids, hit the track before you cram for mid terms!

Below I've hooked you up with a great article on exercise and the brain. You can also hear more about Dr. John Ratey on his website. He's got some great research!

Exercise Makes Kids Smarter

Dr. John Ratey

Keep on the cardio!

Kerryn O'Sullivan, Physical Educator and CPT
FunctionalFitnessKO on YouTube

@ 3:16pm ET on October 6, 2010
thanks! great blogs

@ 7:04am ET on October 31, 2015
you're completely right...paying consideration, a lot of rest and examining is the best way...the entire idea of practicing and figuring out how to play an instrument is ordinarily for more established individuals to keep their brains from going to waste...in that case, yes it does help...but fundamental knowledge is a relative word...think of it this way...whose smarter?. Dissertation|House ..the kid who makes An's in analytics and material science or the gentleman who can listen to a peice of Mozart a few times and afterward play it from memory...or the fellow who can not just learn and remember 55 unique plays on guard additionally know the assignments for 10 different players in the meantime...

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