Gonna be a long, windy road from here.

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I told myself that I'd be out of the 190s the next time I came on here.

Like usual, I lied to myself :) Hah!

I have no idea what I weigh right now, but I'm pretty sure its still in the 190s. On Tuesday, it was 191, but I've eaten a lot of chocolate the last day or two, so who can say? I'm going to TRY not to weigh myself until September 1, so we'll see if I make it that long.

My husband had nine days off from work and we were busy-busy-busy people during those nine days and I missed *gulp* 8 work outs. And then he went back to work and I didn't find my motivation until today, so I missed 2 more workouts. >_< I'm jumping back into it, but I'm not overly impressed with myself really. I'm going to flip-flop between Level 1 and Level 2 for a week or so and then see how I feel. Maybe then I'll do a few days of just Level 2 and then try to move on to Level 3... but I honestly have no idea. Level 2 is HARD. I work out bare foot and it makes my feet sore. All the plank moves, I think... just using muscles in my feet that I don't usually use!

I'm sort of wondering if anybody knows of any workout videos/workouts I can do that would be safe to have a baby in a carrier for? My 8 month old is hard to work around with an erratic nap schedule and early mornings, and I'm thinking that some days it would just be easier to strap him to my back and do a gentle workout (with the an added bonus of 18lbs of extra weight!) ... I just don't know what sort of workout videos to look for that would make that safe! Obviously none that have running, jumping, jogging, sit ups, push ups, etc... some upper body things would be OK and walking/gentle kicks would be fine. Bending is fine. Any ideas? Its just a thought I'm toying with at this point, I honestly don't know if such a workout exists that would be safe for him and yet still effective for me!

I'm still having issues breaking past this 190 wall for some reason. I can't quite figure out why... just every time I get down to 191, I binge or something stupid like that. Clearly this is something that needs more introversion... hopefully I can make some progress on it! Tomorrow is 2 weeks into my 20lbs by New Year's challenge against my sister, and I would really like to win! :P

Laundry's done! Best get that folded and off to bed for this lady.
Hope everybody had a nice weekend!

@ 10:21am ET on August 16, 2012
Hey Rach! Don't get down on yourself about missing workouts, because it's just not productive. Instead of beating yourself up, just commit to writing down your plan for each week going forward. Jumping back into your 30 Day Shred is a great way to do this!

I don't know about exercises safe to do with the baby, but walking is probably the best one that comes to mind. Especially b/c you can turn it into a brisk walk - and then you're doing cardio with an extra 18 lbs on you! Sounds good to me :)

Good luck Rachel!

@ 12:27am ET on August 18, 2012
I would think maybe some easy dancing videos. Nothing too jumpy or anything, maybe like salsa or something. Fun, too!

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