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Slowly but Surely

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Ok everybody...I need your wisdom...

I looveee fruits and veggies and recently it has been most of my diet...the problem: BLOAT

I am not an expert but i believe that fruits and veggies can contribute to it, right?

Well anyways...anybody have any tips they wanna share to help reduce it? I drink a lot of water already. Are there any foods that I should eat instead of fruits and veggies for a few days??
I need your knowledge =] !

@ 12:23am ET on April 2, 2008 I've never heard that fruits and veggies make you bloated, but I'm no expert. I think the fiber content in food can help keep you cleared out though. Also, caffeine works as a diuretic, which should help with water weight, if that is your problem. I think tea works best.

Best wishes! I wish I had your dedication to veggies. It seems like I have to work at making sure I eat enough of them.
@ 6:48am ET on April 2, 2008 There is a product out there called beano that helps cut gas created by veggies. "Beano" is over the counter and reasonalbly priced. hope this helps.....Judy
@ 8:04am ET on April 2, 2008 Anna - this may be a question for RD Shauna - I'll bet she can help you out.
@ 3:41pm ET on April 9, 2008 I agree with Judy, about the Beano product, Iv'e heard it works, GOOD LUCK !!
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