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Dr. Aaron Tabor, MD is the author of Dr. Tabor's Slim & Beautiful Diet and FIGHT NOW: Eat & Live Proactively Against Breast Cancer. After graduating from The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, Dr. Tabor devoted his career to helping people live a life they love through medical research.

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Diet with Dr. Tabor
by Aaron Tabor, MD Diet & Anti-Aging Expert

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About a month ago I talked about some of the best foods to lose weight. In addition to fiber-rich foods, spices, and low glycemic foods, I listed protein as one of the best foods to lose weight. According to the 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans, our diet should consist of 45 – 65% carbohydrates, 20 – 35% fats, and 10 – 35% protein. Despite protein being one of the best foods to lose weight, reports indicate that as a population our protein consumption decreased from 16.5% of total energy intake to 15.7% of total energy intake from 1971 to 2006. Protein is one of the best foods to lose weight because not only is it essential for the growth and repair of all of the tissues in our body, it also has the added benefit of making us feel full, which can help us avoid overeating.

New research published in this month’s issue of Obesity continues to suggest that protein is one of the best foods to lose weight[1]. In this study, researchers assigned 27 overweight or obese men to a calorie restriction diet plan that provided 14% of energy from protein (Normal Protein group) or 25% of energy from protein (High Protein group). Additionally, eating was done either 3 times per day or 6 times per day with the total calories consumed being the same.

The study investigators reported that the men in the High Protein group felt greater feelings of fullness throughout the day compared to men in the Normal Protein group. Furthermore, ...    Continue

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